About Me:


My name is Packie, I am a teddy bear that hails from a beautiful place called Leitrim. It’s a small county in the North-west of Ireland. Being from Leitrim (a sronghold for Gaelic football in Ireland) I have a massive interest in the G.A.A and especially gaelic football.

I was even named after one of the best players to ever play for the county, the great Packy McGarty

In honour of being named after this man I try and show my support everywhere I go and wear the green and gold jersey to show my pride. (but it does get a little dirty every now and again though)


Home is very important to me. Where my friends and family are, but it was always about where I was going and where the next adventure was coming from.

My first adventure ended up being the furthest place away from home, New Zealand. I left home October 2012 and have since been to just over 50 countries in 6 different continents. 

I share with you some of the tales, trips and tips that I have picked up along the way.

I hope to visit many more countries over the coming years and I hope you will join me in seeing them. 

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list” – Susan Sontag